Savinelli Pipes

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Savinelli Pipes
Savinelli pipes are made exclusively of the best quality of bruyere from Sardinien and Corsica.
All pipes are made with care and proud craftmanship, knowing that each pipe will satisfy all expectations.

In the center of Milano, Archille Savinelli opened in 1876 one of the first stores in the world, exclusively dealing in smoking articles.
The small shop, which still lies at the same location, soon became the meeting place for keen smokers, after et opening.
Through the generations of the Savinelli family, pipe production was expanded, and in 1948 the first factory was opened, which would produce Savinelli pipes, and thus was the Italian Savinelli name established as a world renown brand.
Savinelli is to this day one of the worlds largest manufacturers of quality smoking pipes.
Although Dunhill pipes was first imitated by Savinelli, they later found their very own, thoroughly Italian, style of pipe making.
On the most excuisite Savinelli Pipes a dot-system is used to express quality and model. The dots range from one to three, and their make varies from white to silver and gold.
Savinelli pipes are most commonly made with the unique Balsa System. The Balsa System uses the natural properties of the balsa tree, in which it absorbs the moisture and impurities of the smoke, and at the same time ensures a good and easy cleaning of the pipeshaft.
Savinelli pipes are made exclusively of the best quality of bruyere from Sardinien and Corsica, which comes in a variety of models, ranging from the classics to the more modern make.
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